Have you considered...

how many steps it takes to process a referral and that there might be an easier way?

what your overhead rate is and if it's in a reasonable range for your specialty?

taking a look at your accounts receivables this month? You may be shocked!

Have you considered that.....

you might be missing out on a piece of software that would solve the number of no shows that you have in your clinic?

your clinic may have communication issues and that is why you take on tasks yourself to ensure they are done right?

there might be a better way?

Are you .....

constantly putting out "fires" in your practice?

constantly receiving complaints from patients about wait times?

constantly hearing complaints from your staff?

constantly getting out the office late?


We have solutions for these issues.

Give us a call to start the discussion.

Systemic Healthcare Solutions offers a unique approach to medical practice management and consulting as it has access to experts in just about every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management. Our ability to access such valuable resources and expertise empowers us to help clients streamline their operations, increase profits, improve patient satisfaction, enhance employee productivity and retention by reducing stress and improving the overall environment. Our clients include medical practices, pharmacies, family health teams, nurse practitioner led clinics, urgent care clinics, hospital outpatient departments in Ontario and across Canada.

We have worked with every specialty, from General Practitioners to Anesthesiologists - from solo practitioners to large group practices.

Our process begins with an initial assessment of your practice.

To get started, we conduct a comprehensive review of your medical practice. This is the equivalent of taking a complete patient history upon admission to the practice. This background and overview allows us to understand the challenges and history that the practice may have encountered. From here, we make recommendations that will provide the foundation for a renewed operational strategic plan. If you currently have a strategic plan in place for your practice, we  review your current situation in light of that plan and provide the necessary assistance required to get back on track - or to modify the plan to make it reflective of the current state and desired direction.

Whether you are looking for a management consultant to bring your practice to the next level or to alleviate financial strain, our medical practice consultants provide you with the management support to help you take control of your practice and position it for success.

The following is a list of services we offer that can be customized for your unique needs:

  • Practice management issues
  • Practice surveys and reports
  • Lean workflow studies
  • Group formation roadmap
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Practice efficiency and optimization
  • Clinic manager mentoring
  • Business plan development
  • New clinic startup assistance
  • Medical office efficiency studies
  • Scheduling control
  • Office systems management
  • Expense analysis
  • Policy and procedure manual development
  • Clinic manager recruitment
  • Employee relations
  • Personnel policy manual development
  • Marketing strategies
  • New medical clinic consultations