There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. ~ Peter Drucker

These are just a few of our service offerings:

  • Medical clinic and practice check ups
  • Operation Reviews 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Workflow Analysis and Redesign
  • Efficiency Reviews
  • Expense Analysis
  • Communications
  • Human Resource Analysis
  • Technology Assessment
  • Clinic Design Consultation

Medical Clinic Check ups

We start off by conducting individual confidential interviews with healthcare providers and employees to determine work satisfaction, operational issues and areas of best practice. We then conduct our observations which takes several days to several weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the operation.

We gather all the information we need, (human resource tools, financial information, floor plans, business structure documents), so that we can go through this information when back in our office.  If these are not in place, we provide you with drafted documents for customizing. We review the clinic's use of technology and ensure it is the most appropriate solution for your needs. We analyze the workflow and observe patient flow.  Some of the tools we use include Lean methodology and other process improvement tools to identify work waste.  We also assess communications and corporate culture.

A comprehensive report is provided to you, outlining our recommendations and implementation plan. Typical time frame for delivery of our report is between 4 – 5 weeks following our on-site visit.

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Workflow Redesign

Medical clinics are so busy caring for patients they don't have time to redesign workflow. Clients have said, "we know our clinic has efficiency problems", we just don't have the time, or know-how to fix them. Often, clinics will choose to hire more staff as a solution....this shouldn't be the first step.

Every organization we have worked with, tasks were being completed unnecessarily.  Why? Because some businesses are on auto-pilot, completing tasks that have done for many years without asking "why"? Why are we doing this? Is there a better way?

Systemic Healthcare Solution applies Lean methodology in our assessments. Our team learns each job in order to understand specific tasks. Doing so allows us to evaluate the effectiveness or usefulness of the tasks. We then advise you on how the job should be modified to allow tasks to be completed faster by eliminating duplication or introducing a new tool or resource....staff love the outcome.

Human Resource Analysis

Our intention is not to eliminate jobs. Systemic Healthcare Solutions aims to improve relations between management and staff. Improving communication, empowering staff and ensuring healthcare organizations have all the tools in place to be the best workplace possible. Employee satisfaction is extremely important as it becomes more and more challenging to recruit skilled employees.

Let us help you reduce employee turnover and create great places to work.

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Clinic Design Consultation & Advisory Services

If you have a design drafted, we can review the plan remotely to ensure it meets your vision and won't cause any workflow challenges.

For more complex builds, we conduct on-site needs assessments by visiting your current office location and the new site location. We will discuss current operations and future expansion goals.

Once your architect or draftsperson has completed the first draft design, we review the design and provide recommendations on any necessary changes to allow for the most efficient use of the space. We also consider your individual clinical work style to ensure maximum workflow and patient flow.

Next step...text, email or give us a call to discuss your clinic