Medical Practice & Clinic Consulting

Make sure your clinic is running optimally. We can provide advice and guidance to maximize efficiencies and improve operations.

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New Clinic Startup Packages

We provide physicians and other health care providers, planning on opening new clinics with various levels of business development support based. Packages are available based on your unique requirements. 

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Risk Management & Compliance

Is your clinic abiding by all infection control practices and labour regulations? We can provide advice and guidance to mitigate risks to your clinic.

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Why is Systemic Healthcare Solutions the best option for your medical practice consulting needs?

Our entire team has worked on the frontline. As a result of assisting patients on a daily basis, we know where the system is broken. We have worked side-by-side and supported physicians in various specialities, community and hospital settings from solo practices to 30 physician family practice clinics. We understand the challenges. The bottom line is that we can identify with every day medical practice challenges, and that sets us apart from our competitors. Our recommendations are practical, cost effective and creative.

Every clinic we have we worked with has been vastly different from the last. Like families, each have unique identities, quirks and cultures. That's why we offer very customized consulting options. Our initial conversation helps to identify your challenges, then we take it slow and steady from there. You can address certain issues one year and have us review other issues down the road.

Most of our clients are relieved at the end of the process. Systemic Healthcare Solutions provides clinics with a plan. A plan that not only outlines priority areas requiring immediate attention, but points out issues that have a lower priority. Our clients tell us how much they enjoyed working with our team.

We are your no-nonsense solutions provider.

What inspires us?

At Systemic Healthcare Solutions, we believe our work with medical clinics, physicians, pharmacists, healthcare providers and employees sparks a change. A change for the better.

We thrive on seeing struggling medical clinics and pharmacies evolve into fine-tuned machines. We watch our client’s enthusiasm soar after a few days of working with them, when they realize that they can stop repeatedly putting out "fires” when we provide them with the right tools.

We are inspired by physicians and other healthcare providers.  Their dedication for improving the lives of patients can be all-encompassing, yet they often have to focus on administration tasks. We want providers to focus on delivering healthcare. We are inspired when we see the benefits after we change workflow.   

When we see employees smiling from ear to ear after we tell them they are doing a task they don’t need to do anymore because their EMR can do it for them. That inspires us!

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